Welcome to KB Remedial, my name is Kate Brindley.

I first trained as a Holistic Massage Therapist after discovering the wonderful benefits of regular treatments for myself.  Those who suffer from chronic aches most of the time understand what a great thing it is to find a treatment that makes it all go away. Which is exactly what happened to me. For me it made an amazing difference when I started to have regular massages. Chronic back pain was gone in a few treatments and I felt better than ever. And so my journey started as I discovered that I wanted to make this difference in the life of others.

I had the opportunity to gain experience in many different settings over the years.  As a volunteer therapist I took part in different sports events including the London Marathon,  the Prudential Ride, as well as the Moonwalk and other marathons and half marathons in and around the city. I also visited local football matches to help out the players, sometimes even their coaches. I am thankful for these opportunities as they gave me great experience and a wealth of knowledge along the way.

Now, after gaining a number of qualifications in different styles of therapeutic massage I am happy to be of service to my clients.

Clients,  who come to me from many age groups and walks of life. Generally they all just want relief of stress and tensions that leave them achy and in discomfort. Some of them also have injuries to deal with or simply in great need of relaxation "away from it all". Thankfully, massage can help in most cases and it is always nice to see people leaving happier ad feeling better than they came.

It is indeed greatly fulfilling to work in a profession that makes such a difference. I do believe in a holistic approach to massage. I is important to not only treat a troublesome spot or an achy knot but to find and if possible resolve the origin of the problem.

My goal as a therapist is to provide a service that is not only greatly beneficial to the client in the physical realm. Massage should also be enjoyable, uplifting, and should enhance their mental and emotional health and well-being.