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Pregnancy Massage - Milton Keynes

(Please note we can only give Pregnancy Massage from the second trimester of the pregnancy.)

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in one's life, it is indeed full of excitement and anticipation of a new little life. However, it is also a time of physical and emotional stress for the mother to be, as her body goes through many changes and challenges. The relaxing effect of a gentle and soothing massage is great help at such a time. It reliefs aches and pains, helps to relax sore muscles, and can help soothing emotional stress. It can also help the body to overcome the effects of a pregnancy, to help keeping it supple and relaxed. Pregnancy massage is calming and promotes general health and well-being. Just what most ladies need in such a delicate state.

Pregnancy Massage is an oily treatment (the client will need to undress to underwear) and is given in a side lying position for the comfort of the client. It consists of firm but also gentle Swedish massage techniques. We encourage our clients not to hesitate to communicate during a treatment. It is important to let the therapist know if the massage pressure is ideal for the individual. The treatment usually concentrates on the shoulder, neck and back. However, it always depends on the needs of the client as to which body parts the therapist should focus on. The abdominal area is always avoided during the treatment.

Physical Benefits of Pregnancy Massage:

  • Helps reducing oedema and swelling in the hands and feet.
  • Reduces lower back and sciatic pain.
  • Helps relaxing general muscular tightness throughout the body.
  • Increases circulation, so promoting the elimination of lactic acid and toxic material.
  • Increased circulation also delivers more nutrients and oxygen to mother and fetus.

Mental/Emotional Benefits of Pregnancy Massage:

  • Helps reducing anxiety and depression
  • Helps to ease stress both before and after the birth.
  • Promotes a general sense of well-being.


  • 30 min. - £28
  • 45 min. - £40
  • 60 min. - £45
  • 90 min. - £65

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