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Corporate or Office Massage - Milton keynes

Bring relaxation and stress relief in the workplace with my on-site Office Massage service.
On-site or workplace massage treatments are performed in a massage chair, and usually last 10-15 minutes for each client (as specified at booking).

The client remains dressed, although some clients prefer to change into t-shirts for the duration of the treatment. Oil is not used; the therapist works with pressure through clothing.

Benefits of workplace massage to the company:

Reduces stress and so reducing stress and tension related absences.
It is targeted to relieve the posture related aches and pains that can negatively effect the motivation of the employee.
Offering your employees regular opportunity to treatments shows care and commitment to them and their health and well-being. This, in turn can increase the morale and motivation of the staff, helping to achieve better productivity.

All I need is a quiet office or corner in the office with sufficient space for the specialist massage chair to be set up and the therapist to get to work for the benefit of all in the office.

Our Prices:

  • 2 hours   -   £100  ( long enough to treat 6-10 employees, depending on the chosen length of each treatment.)
  • 3 hours   -   £150  (long enough to treat 10-15 employees, depending on the chosen length of each treatment.)
  • 4 hours   -   £200  (long enough to treat 14-20 employees, depending on the chosen length of each treatment)

Call us on 01908 474252 to find out more or use our form below and we'll contact you.

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