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Back Neck Shoulder Massage is always helpful for people experiencing stresses in everyday life. It is an oily treatment, which releases stress from your back, neck and shoulders. Also helps to relief tightness in muscles and work through those painful knots.

Different working environments can cause tensions ans stress in the body. Sitting at a desk for long periods, or doing physical work and lifting often are the causes of such tensions. This treatment can benefit most people, as it alleviates pain and aids relaxation and recovery.

Physical Benefits of Back Neck Shoulder Massage:

  • Helps relieving muscular tensions and stiffness, so promoting a better range of movement.
  • Can help to soothe aches and pains, as well as aiding relaxation and recovery.
  • Also improves muscle and skin tone.
  • Nourishing oils hydrate the skin, so improving its general appearance.

Mental/Emotional Benefits of Back Neck Shoulder Massage:

  • It helps to release stress and anxiety, as well as helping to improve negative moods.
  • Massage generally promotes better sleep, and can help in cases  of insomnia.


  • 30 min - £28
  • 45 min - £40
  • 60 min - £45

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