Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage 

Swedish Massage is a firm and deep oily treatment. The client needs to undress to underwear. The therapist uses towels to drape the client so to ensure propriety.  This can be a very thorough full body treatment or the client can pick and choose which part of his/her body to be treated. A full body treatment includes treating legs, feet, back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, face and scalp, which can give a complete sense of relaxation and promotes better health and well-being.

Swedish Massage improves circulation, helps flushing out toxins as well as easing muscular tensions, and helping to alleviate stress.

We always encourage our clients to communicate during the treatment if they experience any discomfort. This ensures that the client enjoys the treatment and gains the most in therapeutic benefits. Our aim is to provide a relaxing massage experience that promotes physical health as well as soothing of the mind.

Physical Benefits of Swedish Massage:

  • Eases muscular tension, as well as releasing knots and tightness.
  • Decreases aches and pains.
  • Improves circulation and facilitates the removal of lactic acid and toxic material.
  • Reduces stiffness, increases flexibility and range of motion.

Mental/Emotional Benefits of Swedish Massage:

  • Helps to relax and quiet the mind so promoting better sleep and reducing insomnia.
  • Also helps to release stress and anxiety, as well as decreasing depression.


  • 30 min. - £28
  • 45 min. - £40
  • 60 min. - £45
  • 90 min. - £65

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